Vehicle Wraps

Refuse to be ordinary. NTD offers a simple and impressive way to make you and your car stand out in the crowd. We have styles ranging from flat colors, to carbon fiber.

Car wrapping is a hi-tech vinyl covering that adheres directly to your vehicle. It is so precise that it is often mistaken for a custom paint job. We can wrap, but do not suggest or warranty wrapping fiberglass bumpers as the duration of life is not long.

No laws prohibit the use of wraps on driver/passenger windows or windshields. Perforated (1 way film) is used for windows.

Wraps do not ruin the paint underneath unless it was already ruined or repainted.

We suggest you wash car normally and do not use wax once wrapped.


  1. Protects the original paint from scratches, small dents and debris.
  2. Can easily be removed without damaging original paint.
  3. Keeps the original paint in its exact condition before wrapping, which raises resale value.
  4. Considerably less than a comparable paint job.
  5. Many styles and colours are available which can not be produced with paint.
  6. Hard to tell it is not paint.
  7. You can wrap sections of car only to hide scratches and chips.
  8. FRESHENS the look of your vehicle.

If you have any further questions please contact us, or request a quote.

Car Wrap

Car Wrap

Car Wrap