• High Definition Car Shampoo
  • Safely Lifts Away Dirt & Grime from your Car

Refil: $6.75


Bubbly is a 100% biodegradable and concentrated mild car shampoo that safely lifts away dirt & grime from your vehicle. It can be used with foam guns (larger nozzle may be needed) or traditional bucket washing. This soap is PH balanced which allows for safe handling on your car and your skin. Bubbly provides maximum lather and effortless rinsing.

Powerful enough to clean, gentle enough for your car!



Apply 1 ounce of Pink Car Soap to 1 gallon of water. Spray pressurized blast of water into your wash bucket to produce suds. Carefully wash vehicle with your favorite wash sponge or mitt from top to bottom constantly applying fresh suds to each panel and flushing your mitt/sponge of trapped dirt particles. Avoid allowing shampoo to dry on vehicle. Rinse frequently. Gently dry the vehicle with soft microfiber towels immediately after final rinse to prevent water spots. Avoid washing in direct sunlight or when your vehicle surface is hot.