Automotive Window Tinting

Window Tint

Window tinting is our main specialty and master skill. We have tinted an extensive range of vehicles in our 23 years of business.

We offer life-time warranty film which contains an extra layer that allows film to be scratch resistant.

Our prices do not vary by shade, but rather by make/model of vehicle. We are proud of our non-invasion gasket procedure of applying our film and complete rear window using 1 piece of tint (Using 2 pieces, overtime, can shrink at seam and cause film to separate).

We suggest you clean tint covered glass with water alone, as other products will change shade of material overtime.

Installation takes 3-4 hours to complete and we ask that you NOT roll down windows for 2-3 days afterward in order to let tint adhere properly to the glass.

We HAND CUT our tint prior to application at NTD Window Tint. No two cars are built or put together the same during production. Hand cutting the tint gives us the chance to tailor each cut precisely for that individual car, insuring full coverage vs. computer cut which has limitations and flaws.

Tint Grades

*not an exact replication


No longer purely for aesthetic reasons.

  1. Film/tint can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your car and more importantly, your eyes and skin.
  2. Blocks heat from the sun which can fade upholstery and discolour leather or vinyl.
  3. Less heat = less air conditioning = less gas = less money and environmentally friendly!
  4. Reinforces the glass and keeps it from shattering in the case of accident or break in.
  5. Provides privacy and security to people and material in the vehicle.

If you have any further questions please contact us, or request a quote.

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